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Riding Lessons/Training
Want to learn how to ride?  Already have your own horse but want to build a better relationship with your horse?  I focus on centered, balanced riding that relates to almost all disciplines in the horse world.  In my lessons you will learn how to handle the horse on the ground and under saddle.  You will learn how to balance on the horse and you will learn how to control the horse using your hands, legs and seat.  My goal is for you to have a fun time while learning how to communicate and better control your horse.  I have an extensive background in showing and have done a lot of winning at a national level in Western and English.  I have taken students from never riding before to winning in the show ring in just a few months.  I have been teaching riding lessons for over 15 years and am very passionate about teaching people how to ride.  You can either use one of my horses or you can bring your own.  If you are having problems with your horse, I can help you tune them up and decide if they are workable or if it is just not the right fit for you.  I teach western and english and offer basic riding lessons as well as show specific lessons for western pleasure, saddleseat, hunt seat, lower level dressage, Jumping, and barrels.  I specialize in children, ages 6 and up, but also am great with helping adults who have had bad experiences get over their fears.  My lesson horses are almost always for sale so if you fall in love with one of them while you are taking lessons you will have the opportunity to purchase the horse.  I also have limited lease to buy programs and offer serious students the option of showing my horses.


Things you will learn in my program:

Balance--I teach you how to ride without hands first, so you truly have balance and aren't a walking time-bomb just waiting to be thrown.
Control--How to prevent a horse from spooking/running away and how to handle it if one does spook.
One Rein Stop/Emergency Brake
Collection, Teaching your horse how to give to the bit and how to collect through the body
Roll Backs/Spins
Leads and Lead Changes-How to Teach Your Horse to Canter a Nice Circle
Posting at the trot and Diagonals
Lower Level Jumping
Emergency Dismounts--How to fall off with as much grace as possible
Ground School--How To Lounge and Round Pen a horse and How to Make your Horse respect you on the ground
Smooth Transitions, How to Transition from a walk to canter, and canter to stop smoothly
Trail Riding
Cattle Work 
Barrel Racing
Western and English show training
Lesson Prices:
30 Minute Private lesson: $35
Half day clinic: $100
Semi Private Lesson $35 Per Person (2-4 people) These lessons are 45 min to 1 hour Most total beginners need to participate in at least 6 private lessons before they can do the semi privates.  
90 Minute Intro To Horsemanship class $75
In this intro to horsemanship class you have a tour of the barn, meet our lovely horses and barn staff.  Then you will learn all about horses and how they behave.  You will get to try your hand at leading, brushing, and learn see how to saddle up for the horse experience.  You will also get to try your seat in the saddle and learn how to turn, stop, steer, and balance on one of these majestic creatures.  This intro to horses is a great class for all horse lovers.  Even people who have owned horses for many years enjoy the things that are taught in this class.  It is all about the horse-human relationship and how to be comfortable and safe around these majestic steeds. This is a great class and is fabulous for people who are interested in pursuing the wonderful world of horses. $75
Pony Pals Class!
This half  hour class is designed for our tiny tot riders, who are 4-6 years old.  They will get to play with and interact with our pony friends, and they will learn all of the basics of balance and steering.  This is a wonderful introduction to the horse world for the younger children, and a great way to see if a child is interested in pursuing horsemanship. $35
Lesson packages and deals available on the VIRTUAL STORE PAGE
6 Semi-Private Lessons for $180
Package of 12 Semi Private Lessons $325
Package of 6 private lessons $180
Package of 12 Private lessons $325
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